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Angel of Wealth (AW) | Shasta Rainbow

Sacred Art

Angelic, Ascended and Eastern Masters, Buddhist, Christian, and Hindu Sacred Art for your altar, temple, and home.  Awareness Guides.  5×7 & 8×10.

Inu Ocean Blue Gem Bottle with Clear Quatz Crystals | Shasta Rainbow Angels

Gemstone Water Vessels

VitaJuwel, Gem Water, and Inu!
Gem Water Dispensers, Bottles, Decanters, Gem Water vials, Crystal Jars, bottle loops, carafes. 8.9 oz, 25 oz, 2 gal.

The Seven Sacred Flames Book | Shasta Rainbow Angels|


Inspiring, Visionary, Mystical, Healing, Affirmation, and Wisdom Books to inspire and support your journey.

Raku Lotus Pendant with Rose Quartz, Apatite, Pink Tourmaline, Aquamarine & Glass Flower Beads Necklace


Amara Elaine’s Stones of Light jewelry emanates gentle heart energies of love & emotional healing, plus throat & 3rdeye activation, communication.
Bali sterling silver clasp & Beads