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Our Sacred Art

We happily offer these inspiring images and hope that you see in each master, angel or deity a reflection of your own greatness. That is really the job of each high being, and the reason we send their images out into the world.

The 5×7 images are protected by thick, optical quality lamination to last a lifetime. The 8×10’s are protected with a removable sleeve. Posters and wallet sizes are available in some images. All measurements are in inches.

Due to computer screen limitations the image quality on your screen cannot reflect the stunning brilliance and clarity of the actual images you will receive when ordering from us. Many images appear blurred or darker than in real life due to shrinking the images to thumbnails.

Please note that our images are watermarked for display on the website, the watermark isn’t on your purchased image.

Angel of Bliss (AB1) - 5X7 Laminated Altar Card | Shasta Rainbow Angels

Altar Cards

Angelic Art, Ascended Masters, Buddhist Art, Christian Art, Eastern Masters, Hindu Art Prints.

Chakra Awareness Guide (CC) - 8X10 Laminated Card | Shasta Rainbow Angels

Awareness Guides

At-a-glance guides to Chakras, Crystals, Herbs, Aromatherapy, Healing and Nutritionion Guides, Ayurveda, the Meaning of Color Guides, Astrology, Numerology Guides.

Taste of Divinity (TD) 5x7 Laminated Art Print | Shasta Rainbow Angels

Visionary Art

Indigenous Art, Heavenly Art, Dolphin Art, Sacred Yantras, Mantras and Mandalas.

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Our Mission

To be a source for enlightenment, light and love, to all beings that dwell upon our planet.

We act to encourage, empower and inspire people, assisting each one to know that she or he is truly unlimited, a master within becoming a master in outer life. We promote peace in every heart, and between every person, group, and nation: peace on Earth.

We are part of the movement to lift Earth and all her kingdoms, so that enlightenment, peace, understanding, respect and forgiveness, love, and the knowing we are all one, brings happiness to all beings.

To accomplish these aims, we carefully choose and offer our products:

Sacred Art
Our Sacred Images collection includes self-realized beings of different faiths and paths. The role of each being is to reflect back to the viewer the depth of enlightenment and mastery already present within. A universal message of these great beings is that we are all one.

Other facets of this collection are sacred yantras, mantras and mandalas, revered archetypes of ancient earth mythology, and visionary art.

Our Sacred Images catalog is an inspiration in itself.

Awareness Guides
Our Awareness Guides are the original, rainbow-bordered reference guides, considered to be the best available. Volumes of research and information are condensed and organized for a user friendly, instant reference. They cover alternative health and metaphysical subjects such as chakras, crystals, herbs, aromatherapy, nutrition, ayurveda, color, astrology, numerology, and more. They make knowledge of each subject easy to keep handy.

We offer our inspirational products and services with devotion to all beings.

Featured Products

These are some of our best selling images, we invite you to include them and others in your online and retail stores.

Archangel Chamuel

Chamuel (CH1) is the Archangel of Love governing the third ray of creation, a softly-hued petal pink color which is based in the heart chakra.

Archangel Chamuel (CH1) - 5X7 Laminated Altar Card | Shasta Rainbow Angels
Archangel Michael (MC2) - 5X7 Laminated Altar Card | Shasta Rainbow Angels

Archangel Michael

(MC2) Working for the blue first ray, he magnifies God’s power; call upon him for protection. He also helps cut away all that is unreal such as limited beliefs, psychic bonds… From a painting by Marius Michael-George.

Angel of Wealth

The Angel of Wealth (AW) is the embodiment of Abundance, Wealth and Prosperity. This is a useful focus for meditation and visualization for those seeking to attract and manifest the above qualities in daily life.

Angel of Wealth (AW) | Shasta Rainbow

This online store is an extension of Keiko’s vision for the future and her intention to provide powerful tools to assist others in their spiritual journey towards wellbeing and higher states of consciousness. Each item is carefully chosen by Keiko and her team for its exquisite beauty, grace, and divine purpose.

As her vision continued to grow, Keiko Anaguchi acquired Ascension Mastery International in 2011. AMI’s inventory is one of the largest spiritual image collections offered both internationally and in the United States. Their prints can be found in this website and our store, Shasta Rainbow Angels, retail stores, online shopping sites, and in thousands of homes worldwide.

We offer these beautiful Sacred Art prints to you, our Wholesale customers to share with the world.

Keiko Anaguchi

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Since 2007

Keiko Anaguchi opened Shasta Rainbow Angels in the heart of Mount Shasta, California in 2007 as a retail portal of love and light and a beautiful high vibrational place for others to experience happiness, joy, and peace.

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