Shasta Rainbow Angels welcomes Roshandra for ‘in’ store events.

Roshandra is a REIKI Master, Designer, Teacher, and provides Healing, Feng Shui, ASCENSION, Astrology, Clearing Sessions, Retreats and is a Published AUTHOR.

She works directly with ARCH ANGEL Raphael

Shasta Rainbow Angels and Roshandra are offering READINGS, CLEARING SESSIONS, Counseling, and Guidance WEDNESDAY  and  THURSDAY at the SHASTA RAINBOW ANGELS store at 321A N. Mount Shasta Blvd. Mount Shasta, CA 96067.
Also, SUNDAY by appointment only in store phone: 530-926-2311

In addition to her store events Roshandra is OFFERING Bi-Monthly FULL and NEW MOON Meditation classes with astrological significance and altar candle puja. Additionally, ASCENSION WORKSHOPS FENG SHUI Astrology Charts and REIKI.

Please contact the STORE at 530-926-2311 for CLASS Schedule and SUNDAY appointments.

 Websites and Contact email for Roshandra for CLEARING SESSIONS:
FENG SHUI – The Art of Centering

For a full list of all of Roshandra’s offerings and prices please click here.


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