Short Stories from the New Earth

Imagine yourself among the human beings who experience their total relocation to the New Earth, the 5th dimensional Earth. Imagine the humans are arriving a few at a time exploring new possibilities in human consciousness. Living on the New Earth must change what it means to be a human being n fundamental ways. For one, the latent human capacity for psychic communication might awaken and inspire dialogue with the natural world. And the collective human capacity to create might evolve into the direct manifestation of energy and matter in creating a way of life.

In this book’s vision, the first generation of settlers arriving on the New Earth meet their challenges by creating a world of cities and villages in harmony with nature, and they give birth to a new generation of humans who are native to the New Earth and begin a global project of creating Cities of Light in anticipation of a time when the whole Earth awakens in the consciousness of Oneness.

These are the stories of people like us in transition to highly evolved consciousness.

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