Awakening Your Divine KA – Laminated 5×7 Altar Card

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KA is the divine double that brings in the higher frequency light and life force of the Higher Self to the physical body. This image is taken from the Pleiadian Workbook Awakening your Divine KA. The objective of the book is to activate and awaken you KA for enlightenment and ascension. Dolphin Star Temple (DST) is a Mystery School that continues the spiritual traditions begun by the great American Healer and teacher Amorah Quan Yin (1950-2013). It is founded on the universal teachings fo the ancient Mystery schools of Lemuria, Atlantis, and Egypt.

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1 review for Awakening Your Divine KA – Laminated 5×7 Altar Card

  1. Debbie

    we love you Amorah kat hello

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