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Be the master you are… Living Mastery is an adventure into our unlimited possibilities.  We are pioneers exploring a frontier unimaginable before, where each of us will realize how great we truly are.  Through our oneness with the divine, the infinite One, we are returning to our ancient, forgotten, natural mastery.  We recognize everything as divine, including our physical body, and Earth herself as paradise.  It is why we are here.

You are invited to walk your own unique path with greater certainty and joy, from believing you were limited to knowing your are divine.  A deep look at life – including self-empowerment, purpose, abundance, service, immortality, ascension, and more – will speed you along your way.

Living Mastery Mastery if full of practical spirituality and fascinating stories to inspire your expression of the master you are!

About Joanna
In 1986 Joanna founded Ascension Mastery International (AMI), teaching that we are able to transcend any limitation and rise to full mastery. Her teaching comes direct from her own inner guidance and experience. Developing a clear connection with one’s higher self; discovering and fulfilling life purposes; love and happiness in relationships; health and healing; prosperity; ascension; immortality; rejuvenation; and many other subjects are encompassed in her teaching. She lives and works in Mt. Shasta, California.

The sacred images of masters and ascended masters, angels and deities, probably the world’s largest, most beautiful and diverse collection now in homes and stores around the world were originally distributed by Joanna and her business AMI. She has since sold the business to Keiko Anaguchi and Shasta Rainbow Angels. We sell these lovely images here within our store in Mt. Shasta and also online. To read more about Joanna Cherry please visit her website at

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