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It does not matter what religion you embrace. Using spiritually encoded prayers, affirmations and decrees will gradually raise your vibration and accelerate your transformation. It is among the most effective ways to gather the energies of Love and Light within your chakras and every aspect of your being. Make a habit of using these prayers in your daily life to invoke the Light from above to purify the many layers of density and karmic residues you have accumulated over a long period of incarnations.
The science of invocation or the spoken Word, when done diligently with Love and Devotion, assists you in reconnecting with your Higher Self. It increases the amount of Light you can carry within all aspects of you beingness, thus preparing you for you Ascension. When this great Light is invoked daily, it builds an ever increasing momentum of Sacred Energy within you which you can use any way you choose to heal yourself, to raise you vibration, to rejuvenate and harmonize your body, to clear your burdens and challenges and to transform your life into a divine experience. We invite you to experience these wondrous tools to change your life, to raise your vibration and bring about all the wondrous changes you have been wishing for. (Sananda with His Beloved twin flame Nada)

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