St. Francis appeared to the artist in a dream and later sent many animals to visit her while this painting was being completed. An eyewitness account of St. Francis written during his lifetime in Assisi verified this likeness. Recently, he guided the artist to the Vatican to share his delight and image.

This picture shows St. Francis humbly singing with the sparrow a song of joy for God. Everyone who loves animals, Mother Nature, “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” and the true call of Chris twill respond to the heart of St. Francis. His gentle soul is awakening environmental awareness even today.

In the tradition of the Sacred Arts this painting was created from a deep inner vision and incorporates color therapy, sacred geometry, and universal rhythm. This picture may be used as a prayer and meditation aid to develop virtues and enhance healing.

Virtues: Merging with the Divine in all beings, maintaining environmental balance, walking in a sacred way, uniting with God’s grater purpose.

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Dimensions 10 × 8 in


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