A voyage on the way to Ascension Guided by Adama – Telos High Priest and Other Entity of Light
The journey to Telos requires absolute faith and a true bond with the Sacred Heart. Only a delicate frequency of love and harmony will sustain peace in the Middle East. Our connection to each other and the common cause unified forces for the creation of Telos, the city of light. Over the years we have developed a full network of life beneath the Earths’s surface, based on light, love and vibrations of energy from the Supreme Creator.
We invite you on a journey of awakening, departure, and action. Hear about enlightenment in the Middle East and why we must enliven the light entities, who are now awakening to the Lemurian energy of love that exists worldwide. I, Adama, High Priest of the light people in Telos, believe it is critically important to raise the vibrations across the globe. Area inhabitants, arise and realize that there is only one way to ascend. True awakenings is through the heart!

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