This book tells the unique, romantic and inspiring story of author Ayelet Segal’s adventure of exploring the Meaning of Love.
Living in Isreal and for all her years, Segal enjoyed a life filled with love – based on affectionate feelings and fulfilling relationships with her parents, husband, children relatives and friends.
Like human beings everywhere, Segal lived in the physical world of 3rd Dimension, with its ordinary, every-day consciousness. But unlike most of us, she came to realize that we are part of the Multidimensional Universe – in which the Higher Counsciousness realities of the 5th Dimensions of elevated consciousness.
While in the 5th Dimesnsion during visits to Mount Shasta, Segal engaged in a passionate relationship with a female Light Body, known to her over countless lifetimes. They were Soul Partners. Their high Frequency of Love led them to share intense emotional, romantic, intimate and spiritual experiences. Their five-year story – unconstrained by time and space, and mixing reality and imagination – vividly unfolds in this book.
Also, Segal’s personal experience – mingling and moving between Dimensions – greatly enhanced her capacity to express Love in her 3rd Dimensional relationships.
For readers of this book who are spiritual seekers – whether a novice or up to master – Segals’s revealing story will help to illuminate the meaning of Love in your life. It is best for readers to relax their mind and ooeen their heart in order to understand, appreciate and learn from Segal’s enchanting story of Lover between Dimensions.

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