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Darius Oliver is in-store for healing and numerology sessions
Darius Oliver

Darius Oliver

Darius Oliver and the Divine Trifecta


Saturday, Sunday, Monday 10am-6pm
Are you at a crossroads in your life? have you been following Spirit’s guidance To the best of your ability and have come to a part where you just want to check and see what the current energetic lessons were, are, or are going to be? Do you have everything mostly figured out but could use a little more clarity in a specific area in your life, so as to know how to best leverage the upcoming energies To your advantage?
Darius Oliver has been studying Numerology and Metaphysics for the past 13 years. He harnesses the mixture of Numerology, Vedic Astrology, and the Tarot and weaves them together in a process he’s coined the Divine Trifecta.
His Passion is to teach the Practical application of this science to empower Humanity. Whether you want clarity on your life’s journey in relationships to business or even your next travel destination, Darius can reveal through your numbers the lessons you’ve chosen to learn in this lifetime.
Book a session Today for a Brighter Tomorrow.  Monday, Saturday, and Sunday 10am – 6pm.