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Roshandra is in-store for Reiki Healing, Guidance, Readings, Tarot, PUJA and Energetic Clearing Sessions


Tarot, Reiki, Feng Shui, Astrology, PUJA

Archangel SigalRoshandra is a REIKI Master, Designer, Teacher, and provides Healing, Feng Shui, ASCENSION, Astrology, Clearing Sessions, Retreats and is a Published AUTHOR.

She works directly with ARCH ANGEL Raphael.

Shasta Rainbow Angels and Roshandra are offering READINGS, CLEARING SESSIONS, Counseling, and Guidance.

In addition to her store events Roshandra is OFFERING Bi-Monthly FULL and NEW MOON Meditation classes with astrological significance and altar candle puja.  Additionally, ASCENSION WORKSHOPS, FENG SHUI, Astrology Charts, and REIKI.


Roshandra’s Bio
For over 27 years the Sacred mountain of Mt.Shasta in Northern California has been a place of retreat, meditation, St.Germain, ArchAngel Gabriel, ascended masters, Virgin Mary, the Christ, White Buffalo Woman, the Divine Feminine of this mountain and Native American Grandfathers.

The mountain began calling me over twenty four years ago. In 2009 on 11:11:2009 a direct experience with a hitch hiker coming off a five day silent retreat camping was given a lift to town. I never pick up hitchhikers. With him was the likeness of Adama of Telos. His presence came with me into my SUV taking him down the mountain to town. It was a blessing.

From then on Lanto, Ascended Master and St.Germain and Adama began showing me information regarding the process of Ascension with the body. I began teaching on that and the three lower chakras and how it reflects the higher ones and the earth body grounds while bridging to the light body. (Crystalline body of light)


Websites and Contact email for Roshandra

Airriel@gmail.com CLEARING SESSIONS: https://clearingsessions.webs.com/
FENG SHUI – The Art of Centering http://design-theartofcentering.weebly.com/
SACRED GATHERINGS – Retreats – Ascensinon – PUJA – TWIN CODES https://roshandra.wixsite.com/sacredgatherings

For a full list of all of Roshandra’s services and fees please click here.

Available in-store WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY or by appointment.
WINTER SOLSTICE December 19th – December 29th  Leaving on 30th
Winter Solstice Gathering . December 21, 2022 NOON.
SPRING EQUINOX March 17 – March 24.  Leaving on 25th Saturday
May 5 – May 12   May 13 Leaving  MY BIRTHDAY WEEK
I’m in SHASTA  for 4-5 months.
June – October   Leaving end of October month